Born in St. Louis, Missouri, American Advertising Photographer Jason Christopher quickly fell in love with Haute Couture fashion and imagery while working at a luxury boutique in Kansas City.  Christopher’s passion for high-end photography pushed him to relocate to South Florida, where he attended Art School. After graduating with a degree in photography, he continued to elevate his craft while working professionally along the East Coast. He now calls Phoenix, Arizona home.


With over 15 years of experience, Christopher is an international, award-winning fashion and advertising photographer who has worked with a long list of iconic brands and world-class agencies. His portfolio showcases an impressive scope of photographic work across fashion, lifestyle, product, and pet photography. He works confidently and collaboratively with unparalleled success, regardless of the assignment.


Valued for his creative approach and conceptual vision, Christopher’s commercial work showcases a dynamic range from light and airy to modern and moody. Through uncomplicated compositions and an impeccable approach to lighting, whether on-location or in-studio, he excels by rising to the challenge and maintains the same philosophy that “simplicity is key, don’t overthink it”.